Jatiyo Oikko is troubled after changing their words.



News Desk: Jamayat was the main obstacle of forming up Jatiyo Oikko, still they are facing new problems. Their dream is getting darker day by day. For now their main concern is the ‘Amendment of Primary Speech’ which has been done secretly. It created suspicion and rivalry among them. B. Chowdhury already left after considering these.
Source informed that, the process of forming up ‘Brihottoro Rajnoitik Oikko’ is facing two major problems. B. Chowdhury said that he will join the meeting of ‘Jatiyo Oikko’ but he did not show up in the end after considering everything. BNP leaders also said showed reasons about it. But the truth has not been revealed by any leader of ‘Jatiyo Oikko’. Meanwhile, Join Secretary General of Jukto Front Mahi B. Chowdhury said previously that they will not merge with BNP if BNP keeps their attachment with Jamayat. Another problem showed up on 14th September. Primary agreement of the merging has been changed secretly.
Source informed, a team of four individuals finalized the draft on that day in the head office of Nagorik Oikko. The declaration letter stated that, “We will go to national unity by organizing people, including political parties, social forces and civil society, which believe in freedom of Liberation War”. It was sent to the media via e-mail at 10.30 o’clock at night on 14th September by Jahangir Alam who is the Press Secretary of Bikalpadhara President B. Chowdhury. But the line was changed into, “The national unity will be directly or indirectly in the spirit of the Liberation War, except for all anti-liberation political parties and people”. This is what stopped the formation of Jatiyo Oikko.
Few responsible leaders of Jukto Front said that, as B. Chowdhury did not go the press conference and the initial speech has changed, so thinking about forming up Jatiyo Oikko can be a failure. Though, leaders of Jukto Front will sit down together about what should they say and other important factors on the assembly in 22nd September. It is uncertain whether any special news will come up or not.