Bangladesh: A Documentary on Conspiracy in the Shadow of Movement: A Study on Shahidul Alam

A movement that shook the nation. Who anchored the movement from behind? What made the logical movement go conspiratorial?

Recently Bangladesh observed a student movement for safety on roads. Despite of assurances from the government in favor of the protesters, the movement went on.

Was it a movement only by the students? From a secret and verified source things have been revealed. Recently, a photographer named Shaidul Alam has been arrested.

Who is this Shahidul Alam?

Shahidul Alam, a renowned international photographer was recently taken into custody for suspicious involvement in provoking the movement. His uncle Sabur Khan was a war criminal during 1971 and his mother also supported Pakistan Army as referred by the book “Ekattorer Dingulo” by Zahanara Imam (page 230). This clearly marks the reason behind his mentality against the liberation of Bangladesh.

Shahidul Alam and Altaf Hossain established Drik ICT center. Later on, Altaf filed two cases against Shahidul in 2014, one for capturing all his shares and another under ICT act. Also he declared his institution “Pathshala” as a non-profit organization and received donations internationally yet he takes a large amount yearly from each student. He was often seen with his two girlfriends out of his marital life too. This states the poor status of his personality.

As Bangladesh is developing rapidly in economy, foreign conspiracies are mounting. After taking power in 2014 by Awami League, Shahidul started his involvements regarding road safety. Initially they wanted to start their projects with the government. Failing to do so, they wanted to involve students to pressurize the government.

On 19th July Shahidul received a mail from Martijn which indicated about an accident instructing him to take steps and the accident happened on 29th July. How did they know this earlier? Was that pre-planned?

He opened an account in the Bank of America with a fake identity naming Zahed. Why he deposited money in an account with a pseudo identity?

Shahidul, along with Zafarullah Chowdhury who is an adviser to BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia jointly transacted money in January, 2018. Is Shahidul acting as an agent of BNP?

During the quota reform movement, involvement of Shahidul was traced. They exchanged emails and arranged a meeting with Badiul Alam Majumder and Asif Nazrul.

The slogans used in 3rd and 4th August were found in text messages by Shahidul and his wife on 1stAugust. He along with his wife collected manipulated pictures and videos and provided to foreign media. What was their motive here?

Shahidul, as a part of his earlier plan, engaged himself with international media. A news editor of Al-Jazeera Rebecca Abed and UK based correspondent Veronica Pedrosa were misguided & misinformed by him to publish fabricated news.

Shahidul Alam also established a strong network with different secret agencies. Sajid Ispahani the director of Ispahani group and some secret agencies jointly worked with him for a long time. Various emails came to our hand displaying different articles delivered by Shahidul and Sajid Ispahani to them. Doesn’t this indicate that; this movement formed today was a brainchild of oppositions and scripted by Shahidul.

Advocate Ziaur Rahman, a sacked faculty member of North South University sent over 100 emails in last few days to organize the student protest. After being sacked, Ziaur in social media published manipulated news and tried to turn the face of the movement.

What was the motive of Shahidul? Using his fame and popularity in international forum, did he want to create chaos in the country? Our deepest concern, is he working as an agent against our beloved homeland?